• 665 x 200mm (White, grey)
  • 665 x 250/300/370/470mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 665 x 570mm (White)
  • 800 x 300/370/470/570mm (White)
  • 1000 x 200/250/300/370/470/570/670mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 1250 x 200mm (White)
  • 1250 x 250/300/370/470/570mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 1250 x 670mm (White)

Shelf Brackets (2 lugs)

  • 200mm (White)
  • 250mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 300mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 370mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 470mm (White, grey, silver)

Shelf Brackets (3 lugs)

  • 470mm (White, grey, silver)
  • 570mm (White, grey, silver)

We also offer: Heavy Duty Brackets; Brackets for Wood/Glass; a range of accessories for brackets and shelving; Magazine Shelving.

Simple Fitting

Easy to build and assemble

Designed for Strength

Designed for real world usage

Built for Purpose

The finishing touch for any store

Various Colours

Select a colour to match your store

Shelving Accessories

Including support bars and additional products.

Please see our downloads section for the full range of downloadable PDF catalogues.




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