How to install a Radiator Shelf, No Drilling Required!

How to Assemble our Easy Fit MDF Radiator Shelves, No Drilling Required!

Our Easy Fit MDF Radiator Shelves require no wall drilling or wall fixings in order to be assembled and only require the bare minimum when it comes to tools. The Radiator Shelf Brackets and all of the fixings are included and the shelves are compatible with most common radiators.

What tools do I need to fit a Radiator Shelf?

  • One of our MDF Easy Fit Radiator Shelves
  • Fixings and Brackets (Included with the Radiator Shelf)
  • Tape Measure
  • Screw Driver
  • Pencil & Nail (Optional)

How do I install a Radiator Shelf?

  1. Measure the gap between the wall and your radiator.
  2. Attach the Radiator Shelf Brackets to the Shelf Board.
  3. Slot the assembled Radiator Shelf behind the Radiator.

See the step-by-step guide below.


Step 1.

Measure the gap between the wall and the radiator, making sure the gap is AT LEAST 50mm (5cm) and NO BIGGER than 90mm (9cm). This will help ensure that the Radiator Shelf Brackets fit behind your radiator.


Radiator Shelf Measurement

Step 2.

Align the Radiator Shelf Bracket to the back edge of the shelf and secure it in place with screws.


TIP: Mark hole positions using the bracket and a pencil and create pilot holes for the screw using a nail.

Radiator Shelf Bracket

Step 3.

Slot the assembled Radiator Shelf with the brackets behind the radiator.


TIP: Add ornaments, picture frames, vases and other household items and enjoy your brand new Radiator Shelf!

Radiator Shelf Assembly


Our MDF Easy Fit Radiator Shelves are available in 600mm (60cm), 900mm (90cm) and 1200mm (120cm) sizes in Gloss White, Matt White, Oak and Black finishes. They offer a simplistic storage solution that's quick and easy to assemble with no drilling required!



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