5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space in Your Home

No matter how big your house or apartment, everybody can relate to the feeling of having an overly abundant amount of clutter with seemingly nowhere to store it. It is important for us to strategically organise and arrange our belongings in order to make room for the things that really matter to us.

Organizing our living space has been shown to relieve stress in many people and can overall improve and enhance your home environment. Through this guide, our aim is to present some ideas on how you can declutter your home and maximise your living area.

1. Increase storage space with a Radiator Shelf

With an Easy Fit Radiator Shelf you can add extra functionality to all of the radiators in your home in a matter of minutes. These versatile and easy to assemble radiator shelves offer extra shelving in your home without taking up any extra space as they simply attach to the top of your already existing radiators - the possibilities are endless!

Not only do our Radiator Shelves provide a convenient boost in storage space at no cost of living room space, but they're also incredibly simple to install with no drilling and only a screwdriver required! You can click here to view our guide on how to install a Radiator Shelf for more information.

We provide our Easy Fit Radiator Shelves in 3 different sizes - 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm in Matte White, High Gloss White, High Gloss Black and Oak finishes so that no matter the size or style of your home, we have the Radiator Shelf solution for you! Visit our Radiator Shelves page today by clicking the image below for more information!


Radiator Shelves

2. Take advantage of unused wall space with Floating Shelves

When looking to increase the amount of room you have in your home, you can never have enough storage. With Floating Shelves, any wall can be transformed into the ultimate storage solution. Simply find any suitable wall or alcoves in your home and install a floating shelf or two to transform and add extra function to that previously empty wall.

Floating Shelves use a unique, completely concealed and hidden shelf bracket in order to achieve their signature "floating" appearance. Their lack of visible brackets makes them an easy choice for anybody looking to clear up as much space as possible in their home. Click here to read our guide on how to install a Floating Shelf.

By putting the unutilized wall space of your rooms into good use with the use of Floating Shelving you can help clear up space and help make your house appear tidier, more organized and less cluttered.

We offer our modern Floating Shelves in widths ranging from 250mm to 900mm in a variety of finishes such as Walnut, Brushed Oak, Gloss White and Anthracite. We also offer floating shelves which vary in weight load capacity to accomodate all ornamental and storage requirements. For more information on our Floating Shelf range simply click the image below to visit our Floating Shelves page.

Floating Shelves

3. Consider Modular Shelving Units

Modular Shelving Units are completely customisable, allowing you to create a fit for purpose, bespoke storage solution that is just right for you. Due to the Shelving Units being completely modular, you can make sure that they're just the right size for your rooms, ensuring that they don't take up any more space than what's necessary. Creating the perfect fitting storage unit for each of your rooms, modular units are super versatile and customisable, allow you to tailor them to your specific needs.

Our Maxx Modular Shelving Unit range includes shelf boards in both Black and White with complementing frames in both a Black and a Stone finish with Feet and Fixing kits also available. Click the image below for more information on our Maxx Modular Shelving Units range.


Maxx Modular Shelving Units

4. Adjustable Wall-Mounted Twin Slot Shelving

Being easy-to-install, easily adjustable and highly versatile makes Twin Slot Shelving an ideal pick for anybody looking to increase the amount of storage in their home while also clearing up any cluttered living space.

Twin Slot Brackets come in a variety of sizes and are wall-mounted, guaranteeing that they won't take up any floor space in your home. The height of Twin Slot Shelves can also be adjusted at any time, allowing you to keep your extra household items up high, out of sight and out of mind.

Setting up your Twin Slot Shelving System is as simple as choosing your Twin Slot Uprights and U-Brackets in the appropriate size and finish and installing them alongside a compatible shelf board. Click Here to view our FULL guide on How to Install Twin Slot Shelving in your Home or Garage.

We offer our Twin Slot Uprights and U-Brackets in a variety of sizes in White, Silver, Chrome and Black finishes, with an anti-bacterial coating option also available. For more information on our Twin Slot Shelving range simply click the image below.

Twin Slot Shelving

5. Don't forget about Garage Shelving!

Items such as gardening tools, general outdoor items, auto supplies, building materials, large bags of compost or gravel, as well as camping gear and hardware tools can be, and quite often are, stored in the garage. Storing these items in the garage can be a quick and easy way to create even more extra space within your regular living space however it is best to also not let your Garage become cluttered and messy by organising the items you store in there with Garage Shelving.

With its steel build and Medium-Density Fibreboard Shelves, Garage Shelving is robust, versatile and ready for anything. There are a wide range of Garage Racking Units available in different shapes and sizes and with different amounts of tiers, ensuring that you can find the perfect storage solution for your garage.

Another advantage of Garage Shelving is that it's quick and easy to assemble with no need for spanners, nuts and bolts - just a screwdriver and a mallet are required to assemble these units!

Our RB BOSS range of Garage Shelving is available in 4 or 5 Tier options in a wide variety of sizes in both a Red & Black Powder Coated finish and a Silver Galvanised Steel finish. To view our assembly instructions video and for more information click the image below to visit our Garage Shelving page.

Garage Shelving

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