How to Install Twin Slot Shelving in your Home or Garage

RBUK's Guide to Installing Twin Slot Shelving

Twin Slot Shelving has many benefits over other shelving solutions such as being easy to assemble, versatile and highly customisable. This guide will assist you with the process of setting up your Twin Slot Uprights & U Brackets to create your Twin Slot Shelving System. 

What you'll need to start assembling your Twin Slot Shelves:

  • Twin Slot Uprights
  • Twin Slot U Brackets
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • Fixings - including screws and wall plugs *See Recommended Fixings Section*
  • Screwdriver


Recommended Fixings for Twin Slot Shelving

We recommend using screws which are a minimum 2 1/2” / 60mm x 4.5mm with wall plugs in a brick wall or solid wood studs. For cavity walls/plasterboard then you should use 70mm x 5mm screws. Both with corresponding wall plugs to match the screws.

Our standard twin slot range is tested and certified for both uprights and u brackets to withstand a load of 55kg per 200mm provided that it is fixed to a concrete wall using all drill holes.

One upright can hold 55 kg every 200 mm vertically when screwed into a concrete wall with appropriate plugs, once assembled correctly with another upright and two brackets, the uprights and u brackets together can hold up to a combined total of 110kg.

*Weight Load will vary depending on material of wall as well as type of wall plugs and screws used. 


We provide our RBUK Twin Slot Uprights & U Brackets in White, Black & Chrome - with or without antibacterial coating.

Step 1: Marking the Placement of your Twin Slot Uprights

Using a Pencil and Spirit Level, mark a vertical line on your wall where you plan on placing your first twin slot upright.

Once this is done place the upright against the line on the wall and mark the fixing points with your pencil, this will indicate where you need to drill.

Twin Slot Upright, Shelf Bracket, Shelving, RBUK

Step 2: Installing the First Upright

Where you have marked the fixing points on the wall, drill pilot holes and insert wall plugs.

Then align the upright against the wall and screw it into place. 

Drill in wall

WARNING: Make sure not to drill too close to any wall sockets or light switches.

Twin Slot Upright, Installation, Screwing, Assembly, Tutorial, RBUK

Step 3: Levelling and Installing the Second Upright

Hold your second upright in place and use the Spirit Level with your other hand to ensure that it is level with the first upright. Once they are level and at the distance apart that you require proceed to drill through the top fixing hole on the second upright and screw it into place.

(Repeat this step if you are installing more than 2 Uprights.)

Twin Slot Upright, Shelf Bracket, RBUK

Step 4: Installing the Twin Slot U Brackets

Decide which slots on the Twin Slot Uprights you are going to insert your Twin Slot U Brackets into, this will dictate how high your shelf will be when connected to the brackets. Ensure that there is a bracket on both of the Uprights that are placed parallel from one another and that both of the brackets are at equal heights. 

Twin Slot U Bracket & Twin Slot Upright, Shelf Brackets, RBUK

Step 5: Positioning the Shelving

Once you can confirm that both of the U Brackets are level proceed to place the shelf on top of them, with each U Bracket on either side of the shelf, supporting it. 

Twin Slot Shelving, U Brackets & Uprights, Shelf Board, RBUK


Step 6: Screwing the Shelving into Place

Once the shelf board is placed create a pilot hole on the bottom of the shelves by going through the pre-made hole in the U Bracket. Once the pilot hole is created you can screw your shelf into place. 


Twin Slot Shelving Top Tips:

  • Antibacterial Twin Slot Shelving can be useful in environments that need to be as hygienic as possible such as doctor's surgeries, dental practices or residential homes.
  • Twin Slot Bookends are ideal for helping with storage of school textbooks and other school and office items.
  • If you find that your shelf board is starting to curve while attached to your Twin Slot Shelving System you may need to install a third set of Upright and U Bracket in the centre of the shelving board to help support it.




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