The Benefits of Antibacterial Coating on Twin Slot Shelving Systems

Over the past year, here at RBUK we have been helping people across the UK find their perfect storage and shelving solutions. From helping families to create their work from home office or home schooling area, to assisting businesses in building their new and improved storage solutions for PPE and other products, RBUK has provided top-notch storage to serve a variety of customers’ needs all across the nation.

During the pandemic, our Bio-Coat Twin Slot Shelving System has been - by far, our most popular and recommended storage solution for the home, garage and workplace. This is certainly due to the Antibacterial Coating. It is apparent that during these unprecedent and uncertain times, having an antibacterial shelving solution is more important to people than ever before.


What Makes Our Twin Slot Uprights and U Brackets “Antibacterial”?

All components within our Twin Slot Shelving range undergo a rigorous process during manufacturing to ensure that they meet the highest standards of cleanliness. The components that are a part of the Twin Slot Bio-Coat Shelving System are degreased by phosphate dip and finished with a polyester antibacterial powder coating, which makes them antibacterial and antimicrobial. Bacteria is unable to survive on the antibacterial coated surface and is thereby killed upon contact with the component’s surface.


Antibacterial Twin Slot Shelving Assists with Infection Control

One of the main benefits of using our Antibacterial Bio-Coat Shelving systems is for infection control, which is of course a major factor in all of our lives at the moment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and has become an integral part of all business practice. Upgrading from regular shelving (which can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to clean thoroughly and regularly) to antibacterial and antimicrobial shelving solutions, makes infection control easier and a much less time-consuming task for your family at home or your colleagues in the office and workplace.


The Perfect Twin Slot Solution for Hygienic Environments

When working within environments that must remain as hygienic as possible - such as doctor surgeries, cosmetic clinics, dental practices and residential homes, it is important to have an appropriate shelving solution to help keep the area clean and bacteria free. With its impressive and reliable Bio-Coat technology, the Antibacterial Twin Slot Shelving System is ideal for the task. The Bio-Coat technology ensures that bacteria will not harbour on any component within the system and the wiping down of the shelves themselves is the easy job - giving peace of mind to you and everyone around you.


A Unique, Ground-breaking Shelving Solution

While many would recommend stainless steel or brass as suitable antibacterial materials, due to their life-span restricting microbial particles and their easy wipe-clean surface, our Twin Slot Bio Coat Shelves go a step further by utilising their unique Bio-Coat technology to stay ahead of the curve and providing a unique antibacterial shelving solution like no other.

Find out more information about the Twin Slot Bio-Coat Antibacterial shelving system, browse affordable prices and shop on our website or call 0121 502 7342.

  • Feb 11, 2021
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