Is Twin Slot the Superior Shelving System?

Over the past year, with the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting limitations and government advice, people have been spending more time at home than ever before.


The entire country has entered lockdown, causing an unprecedented amount of people having to work remotely from their homes instead of going into the office. Due to this most people have had to resort to dedicating a large amount of space in their homes to learning and working.


This has given rise to a substantial increase in the number of homeowners investing in a variety of storage solutions such as Twin Slot Shelving Systems and Boltless Racking to use within their Home Office.


Turning your house into a home school, a home office and a place to unwind at the end of the day is no easy task, especially without having somewhere to file everything away. So, of course, having a sturdy, reliable shelving system is key!

That’s where we come in, and our Twin Slot Shelving System is the perfect solution to all your shelving needs! Why? It’s the superior shelving system. Here’s why...


It’s Modular

Along each of our Twin Slot Uprights you will find evenly spaced slots; you can place your shelves anywhere along these slot tracks and easily adjust the height of the shelf at any time to suit whatever situation you may find yourself while working from home.


Being able to effortlessly adjust the height of your shelves can really come in handy when working within a home office or home-schooling, as you can adjust the shelves to exactly the right height for storing a range of files, notebooks and folders. Our modular Twin Slot Shelving System allows for endless possibilities and improvements with extra shelves and hanging accessories. It’s even compatible with most other Twin Slot systems, making it easy for you to incorporate it into existing shelving systems that you may have already installed.


It’s Adaptable to Any Space


The beauty of the Twin Slot Shelving System is that it’s so versatile that it can be made to fit into almost any space in the home. With people’s work situations being so unpredictable and erratic due to the pandemic, creating a space that is adaptable and functional for a variety of situations and uses is necessary now more than ever.


The Twin Slot Shelving System aims to make the process of creating the most ideal and functional Home Office a whole lot easier. Fit shelves into even the most limited and compact spaces, or expand the system and fill a large room in your home, the possibilities are literally endless.

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Twin Slot Shelving Is Stronger Than Single Slot Shelving


While considering any storage solution, safety should always remain a number one priority and when working from home you’re likely going to be required to move your entire work life into your home including heavy items such as tools, files and large books.


When welcoming all of these extra weighty items into your home, it’s best that you’re equipped with a storage solution that is strong and sturdy enough to withstand holding it all.


While weight distribution is a key thing to consider when placing the objects upon the shelves, you also require a strong foundation that isn’t going to fracture after long periods of use.

Single Slot Systems pale in comparison to the stronger bracketing and infinite expandability of the Twin Slot System, as double the amount of slots allows for much more sturdy bracketing and better weight distribution.


So, whether you’re upgrading an area of your home such as the garage, tool shed or laundry room as a part of a home improvement project or you’re simply creating a more organised and tidy space for working from home, the Twin Slot Shelving System is the be-all and end-all of shelving systems and the best option to achieve the perfect results.

  • Jan 18, 2021
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