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Introducing our Latest Shelving Products

Manufactured in Germany, the latest range of RBUK Shelving Products consists of Floating Shelves, Cube Shelving, Shelf Brackets and more! Our newest assortment of products feature premium finishes, sturdy, robust build qualities and an affordable price range. 

Floating Shelves

50mm thick and capable of a weight load of up to 30kg, our new Floating Shelf range is clean, modern and suitable for almost anywhere in your home or workplace. The included wall fixtures not only make our Floating Shelves easy to mount to any suitable wall but they feature a robust steel build, securing the shelving firmly. Our Floating Shelves are available in Oak, Walnut, White, and Gloss White finishes and in sizes of 250mm, 445mm and 900mm. 

Floating Shelves, Shelf, Shelving, RBUK
  • Available in Oak, Walnut, White and Gloss White
  • Weight Load of up to 30kg

  • Available in sizes of 250mm, 445mm and 900mm

  • 50mm Thickness


SoftCube Cube Shelving

Our retro style SoftCube Cube Shelves offer a premium, versatile storage solution in an attractive selection of colours. The medium density fibreboard build is a key feature of our Cube Shelving, ensuring that they are sturdy, dependable and long-lasting. Measuring 225x225x200mm, our Cube Shelf range is perfect for living rooms, kitchens or office space.

SoftCube, Cube, Shelves, Shelving, Shelf, RBUK
  • Available in White, Grey and Green
  • Screws and Wall Anchors Included

  • Wall Attachments Invisibly Built into Frame

  • Painted Medium Density Fibreboard


Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

With their uncoated malleable cast iron fittings and factory-esque design, our Cast Iron Shelf Brackets can help provide a trendy, industrial charm to your home. In a pair, our Cast Iron Shelving Brackets can support up to 20kg in weight and are suitable for shelves with a depth of 200-250mm.

Cast Iron Shelf Brackets, Shelves, Shelving, RBUK
  • Uncoated Malleable Cast Iron Fittings
  • Weight Load of up to 20kg

  • Suitable for Shelves with a depth of 200-250mm

  • Industrial, Factory-Esque Design


Aquarium Steel Tube Shelf

The Aquarium Steel Tube Shelf is constructed from 7x7mm square tubing which is formed into an open rectangle, presenting a transparent box-like appearance. This design feature causes the Steel Tube Shelf to be quite spacious, making it ideal for a large variety of uses, from storing small towels in the bathroom to displaying ornaments in the living room, the Aquarium Steel Tube Shelf is ready for anything. With it's powder-coated steel build, this eye-catching shelf can hold up to 15kg in weight.

Aquarium Steel Tube Shelf, Shelves, Shelving, RBUK
  • Screws and Wall Anchors Included
  • Weight Load of up to 15kg

  • 7x7mm Square Tubes

  • Modern, Simplistic Design



Hanging Shelf and Brackets Kits 

Our Hanging Shelf and Brackets Kits provide an easy and affordable shelving solution that is not only stylish and reliable but also eco-friendly. With their included powder-coated steel mesh shelf brackets, our hanging shelves can hold up to 30kg in weight, ensuring they're dependable in a wide variety of situations. The included 200mm thick shelf board features a real wood veneer exterior finish to ensure that your shelving has only the most premium of appearances. 

 Hanging Shelf and Brackets Kit, Shelving, Shelves, RBUK
  • 1 Wall Shelf, 2 Brackets, Screws and Wall Anchors Included
  • Weight Load of up to 30kg

  • 200mm Thickness

  • Powder-coated Steel Shelf Brackets

Lip Shelf Brackets

With it's simplistic 90 degree design constructed from powder-coated steel, our Lip Shelf Brackets will fit right in with almost any interior design. These shelf brackets are suitable for shelves with a depth of between 200mm and 250mm and can hold up to 10kg in weight. 

 Lip Bracket, Shelf Brackets, Shelving, Shelves, RBUK
  • Powder-coated Steel Build
  • Weight Load of up to 10kg

  • Suitable for Shelves with a depth of 200-250mm

  • Straight-line 90 degree design


To view all of our newest shelving products or to see more information on the products in this article simply click the link below.



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