The RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range – Versatile Shelving for Your Home and Garage

With most of us having to stay at home due to the pandemic, now more than ever people are deciding to make some home improvements. Many people are working remotely, so organising and decluttering their home has been essential to creating their own home office space, and this is likely why we’ve seen an unprecedented demand for the RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range! With its boltless assembly system for rapid construction, it’s the perfect versatile shelving solution for your home and garage.

Unique Shelving Solutions in Numerous Shapes and Sizes

The RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the varying width between shelves allowing for all sorts of different purposes and activities. We have seen these versatile shelving solutions used in laundry rooms, home offices, student dorm rooms, tool sheds and even in wardrobes. No matter what your storage requirements may be, the RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range is sure to have you covered!

Safe, Sturdy Shelving That You Can Rely On

Open storage has long been popular and in style for its minimalist look and its ease of use, however shelving, especially if you are using it for heavy items, needs to be adequately safe and secure so that you can properly relax around your home or workspace with peace of mind. The RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range varies in weight capacity so you can be sure to buy the safest option for you by checking the UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) specification.


Shelves Made to Withstand All Types of Use and Environments

Once you’ve chosen which RB Boss Boltless Shelving Unit is best for you, then you can rest assured, as the RB Boss Range is expertly built to last in almost any environment.

Units in the RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range come in two finishes – a striking and durable powder-coated red & black finish that assists in protecting the metal from potential wear and tear such as bumps and scrapes, or a galvanised finish that aims to protect the metal from rust, perfect for environments that may be more exposed to the elements such as garaged and tool sheds.

Boltless Shelving Units that are Quick and Easy to Assemble

The RB Boss Boltless Shelving Range has a superior build and lock system that is fast, easy and hassle free to assemble. No need for spanners, nuts and bolts, you won’t have to worry about getting out your whole toolbox and spending a great deal of time safely putting together your shelving system. All that is required to secure the lock systems into place is a mallet and ideally a screwdriver, meaning less time is spent building the shelving solution and more time reaping the benefits of having a sturdy, reliable shelving system in your home!

With 16 models of the RB Boltless Shelving Range available, consisting of a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and weight capacities, you can declutter and organise everything in your home or office effectively and efficiently.

Browse the RB Boss Shelving Range here and find the perfect shelving unit for you!

  • Feb 04, 2021
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